Keynote Sessions

Two keynote sessions will be held on November 1 and 2, where leading experts from academia, industry, and research institutes will be invited to share their insights on technology developments and future trends.

·         Four Keynote Speakers on Thursday November 1, 2018

    • Dr. Z. John Shen, Illinois Institute of Technology – WBG Power Electronics: Major Challenges and Potential Pathways for Commercialization
    • Dr. Robert Pilawa-Podgurski, University of California, Berkeley – Challenges, Opportunities, and Applications for GaN-based Flying Capacitor Multi-Level Converters
    • Dr. Allen Hefner, NIST and DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office – DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office Programs on Wide-Bandgap Power Electronics
    • Dr. Kenichiro Tanaka, Panasonic Corporation – Reliability of GaN power transistors

·         Four Keynote Speakers on Friday November 2, 2018

    • Dr. Leon M. Tolbert Oak Ridge National Laboratory  – Gate Drive and Protection Considerations in Applying SiC MOSFETs
    • Dr. Dong Cao North Dakota State University – Switched Tank Converters – Leveraging the Benefits of GaN and SiC
    • Dr. Ana Villamor Yole Development – GaN and SiC: how they will impact the future of power electronics industry
    • Dr. Alex Q. Huang Semiconductor Power Electronics Center, University of Texas at Austin – Achieving High Power Density Through GaN Power Device