Panel Session

Title of Panel: Wide Bandgap (WBG) devices and their application to automotive, industrial, aerospace, defense, and energy systems


Moderator:  Dr. Brij N. Singh (Deere & Company) and Dr. Babak Parkhideh (UNC Charlotte)

This panel has drawn experts from a variety of industries including automotive, defense, aerospace, industrial, and energy sectors. The panelists share and discuss their views on current and emerging applications of SiC and GaN power devices. An hour-long panel will have brief opening comments from the panelists followed by interactive and thought-provoking discussions on questions asked by WiPDA attendees. Panel discussions will uniquely cover similarity and differences between SiC and GaN power devices and their applications in automotive, industrial, aerospace, defense, and energy systems.



Dr. Jing Xu, Senior Principal Scientist at ABB

Dr. Shengyi Liu, Technical Fellow and Chief Architect of Platform Subsystems at Boeing

Thomas Byrd, Senior Fellow, Power electronics and Power Systems at Lockheed Martin

Dr. Sriram Chandrasekaran, Engineering Fellow at Raytheon

Dr. Sanjeev Naik, Advanced Systems Dev, Electric Drives, Electronics, & Applications Engineering at GM

Cory Combs, Ampaire Co-founder and TED Fellow

Michael Harrison, Power Electronics Architect, Enphase Energy, USA