The tutorials for WiPDA 2023 are scheduled are scheduled on Dec. 4. Please see the tentative schedule below.

Tutor Affiliation Topic
1 Haachitaba Mweene Nexperia Application of GaN HEMTs in Switching Power Supplies
2 Gui-jia Su ORNL Current Source Inverter for EV Traction Drive Applications
3 Robert Kaplar Sandia Vertical GaN Power Devices: Material, Processing, and Design Considerations
4 GQ Lu Virginia Tech Silver Sintering for Power Device/Module Packaging: The Science and Practice
5 Edward Jones Infineon Dynamic RDS(on) in GaN HEMTs: physical origins and measurement techniques
6 Ryo Takeda Keysight Technologies for WBG power semiconductor characterization – Static to dynamic characterization
7 Subhashish Bhattacharya NC State University Power Conversion Systems enabled by SiC Based Monolithic Bidirectional Switch
8 Ali Parsa Sirat/ Babak Parkhideh UNC Charlotte Current Sensor Integration Issues with Wide Bandgap Power Converters
9 Frank Heidemann NI Reliability challenges in Silicon Carbide and how to overcome them with dynamic testing methods


Topics of Interest

Tutorials are solicited on any subject relevant to the scope of the conference including, but not limited to, the following major topics:

  • Heteroepitaxial & Bulk Materials Growth
  • Gate Dielectrics & Surface Passivation
  • Device Structures & Fabrication Techniques
  • Device Characterization & Modeling
  • Very-High Efficiency and Compact Converters
  • Packaging Power Modules & ICs
  • Gate Drive & Other Auxiliary Circuits
  • High-Performance Passive Components
  • Hard-Switched & Soft-Switched Application Analysis
  • Applications in Renewable Energy & Energy Storage, Transportation, Industrial Drives, Grid Power Systems, Space and Aerospace
  • Wide Bandgap System Design Philosophies & Strategies
  • WBG technology application to fuel/energy production systems including hydrogen production

Proposal Submission

The tutorial proposal should include information and submitted to WiPDA.Tutorial@gmail.com

  • Title of tutorial.
  • Contact information for presenting speaker(s): name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and email address.
  • An abstract (no more than 200 words) describing what is to be presented, including whether the topic will be treated in-depth or as a survey, and the level of the intended audience (basic, intermediate, or advanced level).
  • A short biography (no more than 200 words) of each speaker.